Wine and Port

1945 Wine and Port

1945 Wine Vintage Report

1945 Vintage Port :

The 1945 port vintage was the first end-of-war vintage. It was a superb quality five star vintage, although the quantity was small. 22 shippers declared 1945 port vintage with Cockburn being the only major abstention. The ports are now very rare but are still drinking well today.

1945 Bordeaux :

The 1945 wine vintage was, without doubt, the vintage of the century. No vintage in the post war era enjoys the reputation that 1945 does. The celebraton of the end of the war, combined with the fact that the weather was remarkable, produced one of the smallest most concentrated crops of grapes ever seen. Many of the top wines are still not fully mature and will last for another 20-30 years. Fabulous vintage.

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1945 Chateau Rauzan-Segla

Bottled in France by Cruze - Bottle and wine look to be in exceptional condition - clear but naturally faded label
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