Wine and Port

1945 Wine and Port

1945 Wine Vintage Report

1945 Bordeaux :

The 1945 wine vintage was, without doubt, the vintage of the century. No vintage in the post war era enjoys the reputation that 1945 does. The celebraton of the end of the war, combined with the fact that the weather was remarkable, produced one of the smallest most concentrated crops of grapes ever seen. Many of the top wines are still not fully mature and will last for another 20-30 years. Fabulous vintage.

1945 Vintage Port :

The 1945 port vintage was the first end-of-war vintage. It was a superb quality five star vintage, although the quantity was small. 22 shippers declared 1945 port vintage with Cockburn being the only major abstention. The ports are now very rare but are still drinking well today.

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1945 70th Anniversary Port Gift Box

All 75cl Bottles. A wonderful gift for a 1945 Birthday or 70th Anniversary.

This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles of Rich Tawny Port: One 30 year old port(Scoring 92/100 Parker points.
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1945 Barbaresco

Barbaresco is an Italian wine made with the Nebbiolo grape. Barbaresco is produced in the Piedmont region in an area of the Langhe immediately to the
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1945 Barolo

Barolo is known as the 'king of wines' and is made from the Nebbiolo grape. Heady aromas of rose, leather, vanilla, cherry, pepper, cranberry, strawberry.
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1945 Barolo

Barolo lies just south-west of Alba in Italy's north-western Piedmont region. It is considered one of the finest and longest-lived wines, often referred to as 'the king of wines and the wine of kings'.
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1945 Chateau Lafite Rothschild

Tasting notes:

"Rich, sweet and so easy to like on the nose. Lighter in terms of weight than Latour and Mouton 1945 served alongside but the Lafite character is here, overlaid with the concentration of the 1945 vintage.
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1945 Corvo

Corvo Rosso, a classic Sicilian wine, is produced from Sicilian vines cultivated on warm, sunny hills. Aged in oak barrels it is distinguished by its round, full-bodied and persistent flavour.
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1945 Croft Port

A much deeper colour than the ’42 as one would expect. Quite limpid for a 62-year old with a lovely, elegant nose of ginger, leather, figs, almond and black cherries in the background.
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1945 Feuerheerd Vintage Port

Mr Dietrich Matthias Feuerheerd was founded 1815 in Oporto and carry many old vintage Port wine. The 1945 is a very good label and good filling packed in a wooden box for a 70th birthday gift idea

The colour was a pale tawny.
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1945 Fonseca 70 Years of Port Gift

Fonseca 40 Year Old Tawny (75cl):
Tawny Ports of 40 years of age, the oldest designation allowed, are true rarities.

This sublime port of great age and rarity has been aged in casks for an average age of 40 years.
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